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We took out the bad stuff, so you can enjoy the good stuff. Effective products made without parabens, harmful preservatives, and petrochemicals. 

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Meet Kelly

Prophet Skincare Founder Kelly has dedicated her life to helping women find their inner radiance. She established Prophet Skincare to deliver universally effective, pure and natural skincare products that encourage women to step into their beauty at any age. She knew women's routines needed to change after she learned about the connection between beauty products and our health...

Our Story

"I've noticed a difference in my skin's tone, smoothness, and decreased pore size, but most importantly, my skin looks and feels healthy."

Erin, CT

"La Creme is a dream for my face living in the desert, I need the hydration and this does the job."

Pamela, AZ

"I had a person compliment me on my skin... this has never happened!"

Sharon, CA

"I love the Divine Eye Emulsion and Radiant Age Serum; it really has made a difference."

Kelly, OR

"My skin has never looked better and that is something to say when you are in your forties."

Audra, TX

Our Mission

Reconnect with your radiance at any age.

We create clean, universally effective skincare that celebrates the relationship you have with your beauty. Through our pure and natural formulas, we cultivate confidence in your continual radiance, and in your healthy future. Foresee your beauty, foresee your health, foresee your life, and lead with radiance.

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